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  • Picture of Pamela Montesinos
    Pamela Montesinos - 12:48 PM, Sep 10
    I am not surprised with hearing about Ayahuasca because I have heard about other plants who have similar effects. I do think that it is interesting how people who have tried it, reported having spiritual revelations regarding their purpose on the earth and of how they can be a better person. Our mind itself is a big part of having these effects.
  • Picture of Analidia Manjarrez
    Analidia Manjarrez - 06:44 PM, Sep 10
    its very true and how cops profile when it comes to pulling people over just because of their race and their appearance. I liked the video for Drugo, its a very creative video
  • Picture of Analidia Manjarrez
    Analidia Manjarrez - 06:50 PM, Sep 16
    I remember the first time you informed us about out dated information and its very true. Just reading the the textbooks one can tell how out of date some of their info is. Im glad however to have an instructor like yourself who gives us both old and new information. The things we learn are crucial for our success out in the real world that is why its important to read other outside materials to keep ourselves currant.
  • Picture of Chris Burke
    Chris Burke - 04:07 AM, Mar 18
    "But the steepest rise occurred between 2010 and 2013, when the rate of death from heroin overdose increased 37 percent"
    thats a huge number that continually goes unotice

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