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  • DAC 101 Description:

    This module gives the student basic knowledge and skills to understand chemical dependency as a disease, psychopharmacology, and other aspects of chemical addiction. Its processes, signs, symptoms and behavior are explored. The student learns the specifics of alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other commonly abused substances. Chemical dependence vs. substance abuse is covered as are the stages and causation of addiction. Twelve step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and others are included along with the 12 steps of recovery.

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  • DAC 102 Description:

    This modular covers the 12 core functions of counseling. Students are trained in the performance of each of the core functions, including case management and how these apply towards preparing a case study. Students also learn about the DSM IV-TR classifications of substance abuse and chemical dependency disorders including the diagnosis of each.

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  • DAC 103 Description:

    This modular teaches the student basic counseling knowledge skills, and techniques for both one-on-one counseling and group counseling. Through role-play, the student develops skills including attentiveness, active listening, questioning, reflection, paraphrasing, and client observation. It also covers the basics of group process, group dynamics, dealing with resistance and defenses, and other aspects of counseling.

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  • DAC 104 Description:

    The student learns ethical guidelines that pertain to the substance abuse counseling field. Critical topics include law and ethics, including confidentiality, informed consent, dual relations and more. Other topics include special populations, cross-addiction, dual-diagnosis, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and STDs, grief and loss, personal and professional growth, burnout prevention and more.

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  •  DAC 105 Description:

    This modular covers the role and dynamics of the family in chemical dependency counseling. Relevant issues include: co-dependency, enabling, boundaries, family member survivor roles, and Al-Anon. The student also learns the purpose and procedures of family intervention.

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  •  DAC 106 Description:

    This modular covers several of the major theories of personality development and how each therapy originated. It includes the therapeutic techniques of each and their advantages and limitations. Relapse triggers, relapse stages and prevention of relapse are also presented. This modular concludes with an examination of how to compile a case study to prepare for the oral CAADAC certification interview exam and the written CAADAC certification exam

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  • DAC 107 Description:

    This portion of the program is designed to assist the student to complete in the current labor market.The course will cover resume writing, job search techniques, and interview techniques, application completion.Each student will create and format their resume, conduct a job search survey in their demographic area.Importance of membership with certifying related organizations discussed.

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  • DAC 108 Description:

    Student will learn the 8 Practice dimensions to the 12-core function to fit and meet the State of California requirements and CAADAC Regulations. These 45 hours of educational requirements provide the student with the guidelines under the TAP-21: “Students will learn the twelve (12) core functions and the counseling competencies, to meet the California State requirements and CAADAC regulations. Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.

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  • DAC 109 Description:

    During this modular the student will participate in supervised on-the-job training experiences this combined effort between the school and externship facility.Students are able to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real life situations.Evaluations occur routinely to provide the student the opportunity to discover any apparent weakness while receiving support from the Instructor.

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